Are you struggling with creating, maintaining, or expanding your abundance?

Harmonious Union

Come into Harmony with your Twin Flame and be in the bliss of love forever.


You deserve a life free of suffering and full of joy. It's yours to have and master.

intuitive questions

You have questions that need answers and they lie inside you. Let us help you unlock them.





Foundations Session

During this 1 hour session, we will work through your core financial blocks that might be holding you back from your abundance. We will also build out your very own Financial Planning Tracker, that you will be able to walk away with, to get you to the high wealth vibration you have been seeking.

Mastery Session

This 1 hour session is for those who are looking to expand their already developed wealth. If you are someone who is very well versed in your finances but simply needs the spiritual mastery to guide you to an even greater depth of wealth this session is for you. We go over your finances both in your personal life and look at your career to help you ascend to the next level.


"I was unemployed, scheduled a session, and then immediately found a new job before the session even happened. After the session was over, I checked my email and I had received a message that came through during the session from my Acting Agency who proposed me for a new gig that would pay me around 3,400€. I was shocked!"  

-Carmen B.


"Yesterday I had my Abundance Foundation session. Today I got a message that in the next few days I'll be receiving over 1,000€ tax refund from the year 2018 (it's 2020). My financial blockages were cleared up!"  

-Nicole M.


"I scheduled an Abundance Foundation Session, the day after I received a random amount of money into my bank account from the government which was the exact amount the session cost! It was miraculous. Since the session, my Twin Flame and I have grown closer and partnered deeper in our home and finances. We were able to afford all the things we had planned out within the session and hit our goals. Wow!"

-Yanir & Natalie

”Since my Abundance Foundation Session a few weeks ago I have: received a raise at my job, gained more clarity on my life's purpose, and felt a deeper connection with my Twin Flame. My mind was blown!”

-Susie P.


"We doubled our sales goals for our business the month after our Abundance Mastery Session!"

-Jose & Michaila


"No savings, my job doesn’t pay great, so much debt kept piling up, plus going through a divorce with young kids. I just couldn’t see how it was possible. It has not even been a month since my Abundance Foundation session and I’m already experiencing miracle after miracle with over 100k of unexpected money incoming!" -Kai


"One month after my Abundance Mastery Session and I had made an additional $10,000 in my business. I know it's only going to get better."


Wedding Embrace


Twin Flame


Twin Flame Coaching Session

During this 1 hour session, Ray or Anastasia will guide you deeper into love by identifying and gently working through the core upsets that are blocking you from your Harmonious Union.

Twin Flame Private Membership

Ray and Anastasia have brought a number of their clients into Union already. And each client says it was because of their commitment to go all-in with the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia as well as their private weekly coaching sessions with Ray or Anastasia. Some taking less than a year to come into union with their Twin Flame. If it's for them, it's for you too!

Work with Ray or Anastasia:

Work with both of us:

Twin Flame Group Coaching Class

Are you ready to claim your life of love? Based on the teachings of Jeff & Shaleia, this 1.5-hour live weekly class is designed to guide you through your inner journey, helping you to heal all illusions until there is only love. Join this powerful class today and let us walk you home to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and beyond.

Currently, this class is being held on Sunday at 2 PM EST. As more individuals and couples decide to join, we will open up to additional classes and times.



Leo & Rachel

I’ve been coaching with Ray and Anastasia for over a year and I can truly say that they care deeply about their clients and have helped me to meet and come into union with my twin flame, Leo. I was able to meet and travel with my twin flame for several months this year (he lives in another country). We traveled in Peru and Mexico making videos and taking photos, exploring our relationship. Coaching with Ray and Anastasia I’ve been able to go deeper with my twin and see places that still need love and healing. Each time we have a session I come away with more insight and more peace than before which has helped me grow closer to God and my twin flame and trust myself more. I highly recommend working with them on your twin flame journey!

It took this beautiful Twin Flame couple only 1 year to come into Union, from not knowing each other at all to traveling the world together. Rachel joined Twin Flame Ascension School and had private coaching every week with Ray & Anastasia. After meeting her Twin Flame she got Life Purpose Class and was able to start partnering with her Twin Flame while they traveled.


Gabe & Briana

I started working with Ray & Anastasia during a very difficult period on my twin flame journey. My twin flame and I had gone into physical separation for the first time since we recognized each other and came together and I was in a pretty low place emotionally and financially. Ray & Anastasia were so very supportive coaching me and encouraging me every step of the way to get back on my feet, build my confidence and heal. They both went the extra mile to truly love me and I felt it so deeply in every session and conversation. Thanks to their guidance and continued support, I was able to heal through that separation and come back into Union with my twin flame within about a month of working with them. Now my twin flame and I coach with them and we both feel so deeply understood, supported, and loved in each session. We always receive exactly the guidance we need and we are so grateful to have them in our lives.

Your Twin Flame is meant to be with you and ONLY you! It took this powerhouse Twin Flame couple only 1 month to come back into Union, after a lengthy physical separation. Gabe & Briana have everything with Twin Flames Universe and receive private coaching every week with Ray & Anastasia. We can attest to their tenacity on the journey to their continued success.

Image by Zac Durant




Ascension Coaching Session

During this 1 hour session, Ray or Anastasia will guide you deeper into love by identifying and gently working through the core upsets that are blocking you from experiencing Heaven on Earth.

Ascension Private Membership

Ray and Anastasia are spiritual coaches ready to take you deeper into love and peace. Long-time students of Master Gurus Jeff and Shaleia, they use both their Guru's teaching and the Mirror Exercise method to irradicate suffering in all areas of their client's life. Spiritual growth and happiness come from doing deep inner work and sometimes doing that alone can feel heavy and overwhelming. Get the support you need and let us guide you to deeper peace; to home.

Work with Ray or Anastasia:

Work with both of us:

Ascension Mastery Program

If you are serious about your Ascension and seeing real results then this is the option for you. Ray and Anastasia are ready to walk you out of misery and into your own Heaven on Earth. By going all-in with your ascension journey you are saying yes to becoming the Spiritual Master you were born to be. We are currently only taking on a select few, so do not sign up for the consult if you are not ready.

Image by Jen Theodore



Ascension Path Tarot Reading

This LIVE Tarot Reading is one of a kind! During this 30-minute live discussion, Anastasia will guide you through your deepest blocks into deep peace as she sets out your unique 10-card spread and delivers your channeled message for deeper healing and next steps. Whether on your Twin Flame journey, Life Purpose journey, or just as you go deeper in your relationship with yourself, you are sure to find deep healing and clarity.

Divine Essence Reading

Your Divine Essence Reading outlines your highest state of alignment with the divine which includes your soul design and your life purpose. Living in alignment with your perfect state naturally and potently attracts your Twin Flame. It is also the proceeding natural next step that arises surrounding Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Channelled Love Letter from God

Let Ray & Anastasia channel the perfect love message for you from your ultimate lover, your creator. Each message is filled with guidance, empowerment, and deeper awareness. Our clients are raving about these healing messages. Those who are not currently in communication with their Twin Flame also have stated how much healing, clarity, and support this reading specifically provides to them.



”I adored my channeled Love Letter From God from Om Guidance. It really spoke to me and what I was working through in my Twin Flame Union on such a detailed and personal level. I read it several times, as it was packed full of deeper layers of meaning. The loving words gave me strength and courage to continue through blocks I was facing, and the cards that were included were spot on and gave me the clarity I needed to move forward. And, I put on the channeled playlist right away - I felt so seen, loved and understood. What talented channeled readers. Thank you Ray and Anastasia!” - Leesie M.

”The 'Love Letter from God' channeled by Ray is spot on as always. I usually communicate with my twin flame and God through my journal. The Love Letter channeled feels like a response to one of my letters. That’s how spot-on Ray is because I didn’t show him what I wrote in my journal. The amazing part is that, as I read, I feel the familiar divine feminine vibe of my twin flame. I recognize it. I am so thankful that the letter helps me to go deeper and remember why I’m doing this inner work. I highly recommend it when you feel the call from God to purchase it because your love letter from God channeled by Ray is a gift for yourself.” - Kasey K.

"Thank you so much for this reading. I was impressed by how fast you did it! I have cried a lot already - and need to cry even more - but I am so fascinated by how accurate it is and with how much Love you blessed it. The words of my Twin Flame are describing exactly what is going on! The precious combination of those words, the cards, and the Playlist is very clear and straight forward. It will help me to reflect deeply and to heal. I am very grateful. Thank you! " - Ann Katrin