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The Story of Ray & Anastasia

Twin Flames in Union, Ray & Anastasia are Certified Ascension Coaches and have mastered the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia by studying them extensively for over 4 years. Anastasia was one of Jeff and Shaleia’s first students and was in TFAS and LPC live classes, Ray joined her within the last few months. This power couple are highly respected members of the Twin Flames Universe community since the beginning and would make the perfect fit as your coach. They offer a number of intuitive readings, coaching, and specialty classes and eCourses.


Fun Facts about your Coaches...

  • Ray and Anastasia are both Certified Ascension coaches.

  • Anastasia was a private student of Master Gurus Jeff & Shaleia.

  • Ray is certified in Reconnective Healing, an energy healing modality.

  • Ray has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.

  • Ray has a Leadership Development Certification.